Parking Lot Striping & Warehouse Striping

For Houston TX

Parking Lot Striping & Restriping

Our team of parking lot striping contractors excels at providing a clean, precise parking lot striping or restriping job that's on time and within budget. Your Houston parking lot striping job will make a lasting impression on those who drive through your newly striped parking lot.

Pressure Washing & Sealcoating

Wash your lot for better results with commercial power washing. Our powerful pressure washing equipment also removes rust, stains, grime and debris from all your business surfaces. Then, sealcoating revives faded, aging asphalt and makes it look like new.

ADA Compliance & More

Show you care about the experiences of every visitor to your property and ensure Houston TX ADA compliance. We'll create or restripe handicap parking spaces, and provide handicap signage. We also provide fire lane striping so emergency responders can respond quickly if you need them.

Houston striping & More

Parking Lot Striping

Offering Houston parking lot striping for new construction – Stripe It Right can help design parking lot layouts and apply markings to your new construction. We’ll help traffic flow smoothly on your first day of business and every day after. 

We also offer Houston pavement marking for existing lots, warehouse striping and more. Learn more about our parking lot marking services.

parking lot restriping

Parking Lot Restriping

Amp up curb appeal and protect your investment. Solve problems like haphazard parking. Prevent collisions that happen because people don’t understand how traffic should flow. Ensure ADA compliance by hiring a Houston restriping company that is up on the latest standards. Get it all done on time and within budget.

Pressure Washing

We offer commercial pressure washing for Houston TX. When you hire us for your power washing project, soiled exteriors get rejuvenated and restored. Concrete surfaces regain a fresh, welcoming appearance. Your business looks better than ever for the people who matter most. 

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Katy TX sealcoating


Stop asphalt from deteriorating when you call your Houston sealcoating contractors at Stripe It Right. How your property looks affects your bottom line. A faded, cracked lot makes it look like your business might have fallen on hard times. Fresh sealcoating is like an advertisement for your brand’s customer-focus and financial success. 

ada compliance

Do you have the right ratio of handicap parking spaces? Is your Houston parking lot in ADA compliance? Stripe It Right has extensive experience implementing the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) that regulate space size and placement. We’ll also help your organization be compliant with federal ADA standards. 

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Other Services

We don’t just paint lines, our other services include stenciling, specialty pavement marking, bollards, wheelstops and fire lane striping. If you have previously applied pavement marking that no longer suits your needs, we offer line removals as well.

About Stripe it right

As a company dedicated to providing top notch customer service when it comes to Houston parking lot striping and warehouse striping, it is important to us to deliver impeccable workmanship on every assignment.  With our experience and expertise, we can provide the support your project needs when it comes to pavement marking and commercial pressure washing. Learn more about why we’re so confident you’ll be delighted with our work.