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We're sharing our time honed methods for running a successful parking lot striping business...and you can get the instant download for free.

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Unleash your business potential when you receive expert guidance. Navigate and understand regulatory compliance, market competition, client acquisition, pricing strategies and more.

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Anyone can start a parking lot striping business, but most of them fail because they make common mistakes. Our proven strategies help you develop necessary skills and avoid pitfalls.

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Nobody likes to waste time and money on inferior equipment or methods that inhibit efficiency. Learn to stripe it right with our training sessions and materials.

How to Start a Parking Lot Striping Business - Let Us Help

Are you tired of the same old routine, working for someone else while your dreams of being your own boss seem out of reach? You’ve got that fire inside, that drive to make a mark, to build something of your own. The idea of turning a night’s work into what some people make in an entire week ignites your ambition.

But let’s face it, the fear of failure looms large, and the unknown can feel paralyzing. You’re not alone.

We understand the path to starting your own parking lot striping business can seem daunting. You might be wondering where it’s okay to work through your learning curve and where doing so could spell disaster for your aspirations.

That’s where we come in. With decades of experience in the lot maintenance industry, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes and learned from them. Let us guide you through the maze, helping you navigate the pitfalls and uncover the shortcuts that actually work.

With our support, you can turn that spark of ambition into a thriving pavement marking business, one stripe at a time.

"Ever make $2500.00 in 4 or 5 hours on a Saturday night? Well you could and we can show you how!"

-Brian Hood

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Do you have these common questions?

  • What should I charge for parking lot striping?
  • Which paint is better, latex or solvent based?
  • Where do I find/get customers?
  • How do I turn my side hustle into a full time pavement marking business?

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Free Resources

Check out our blog for free information on the benefits of parking lot striping for business, signs striping is needed, common pavement marking mistakes and more.

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Get every single one of your questions answered by an expert. Book a phone call or video conference, whatever communication method you prefer.

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Schedule an in-person consultation and ride along with us on the job. Learn everything from how we bid to what materials we use to how we manage all the little things that add up to success.

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Free book download

Our free downloadable resource delivers the basics on research and planning, equipment and supplies, preparing bids and so much more. Just answer a few basic questions to help us understand your needs and you’ll be redirected to the .pdf for instant download.

Virtual Consultation

Avoid common mistakes and skip the learning curve. Book a video call or phone call to get one-on-one, personalized guidance on how to start a parking lot striping business. For existing companies, we can help you take your pavement marking company to the next level.

Stripe With an Expert

Our most hands-on package lets you ride along with us to see one-on-one topics like:

  • How to bid jobs
  • Finding Clients
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Managing administrative tasks while balancing everything else

Why Hire a Consultant When Starting a Line Striping Business?


Gain insights from an industry expert who has learned from past mistakes and possesses extensive experience in parking lot striping.

Cost Savings

Accelerate your profitability by avoiding unnecessary expenses on subpar materials and equipment, as well as steering clear of common costly mistakes.

Resources for Success

Access valuable support, industry connections, resources, and accountability through our consultancy, ensuring your business thrives in a competitive market.

Tailored Support

Ask the questions that matter to you. Get insights based on your situation without having to waste time and effort weeding through info you don’t need.

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Consulting Services - Partnering for Success

Download our ebook for actionable insights on how to quote a parking lot striping job. Book an online consultation to ask all the questions on your mind and get one-on-one answers from someone who knows.

Or, for the ultimate crash course, schedule a hands-on, in-person session where you can ride along with Stripe It Right experts to experience everything from bidding to materials sourcing to office staff management to parking lot striping business marketing.