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What Locals Know
About The Need for Pavement Striping Services

If you live and work here you know this…when it comes to Houston parking lot maintenance, Pasadena TX businesses are in need. Overall, commercial construction in the area is older and more in need of restripe. Our part of Houston is heavily industrial, and that means a different kind of traffic and heavy-duty environmental and manmade inputs.

Three major freeway systems funnel traffic through. Key economic sectors are oil and gas exploration, manufacturing and shipping, which makes sense with Pasadena’s proximity to Port Houston. Not only is the area older, Pasadena parking lot striping, fire lane striping, speed bumps, parking garages and specialty striping and stenciling are under constant assault from multiple forces. Local business owners call Stripe It Right for all their pavement maintenance needs.


Pasadena Parking Lot Striping Services

From Stripe It Right

Get a freshly striped parking lot, bring your parking lot up to code, improve lot safety for vendors, contractors and shoppers and boost property value when you call our pros for services like the following:


6 Signs You Need

Parking Lot Restriping

Is it time for your Pasadena parking lot restriping or could you let it go a little longer? Lot maintenance is pretty much an ongoing thing, but nobody wants to spend money they don’t have to. We tell business owners the keys to being cost-effective are first, to use an experienced pavement contractor and durable materials and second, to maintain what you have instead of waiting until it’s broken to try and fix it. Here are several signs it’s time to get in touch:


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People are Parking in the Wrong Spaces

When drivers can’t see parking spaces or directional arrows clearly, they just have to guess.

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Your Lot is Decaying

If you have cracks, potholes or crumbling edges, putting off pavement maintenance makes things worse.

No Parking Fire Lane Houston TX

You Can’t Read Pavement Marking

Employees park in designated spaces from memory and ADA parking spaces have just a hint of blue.

dangers of bad parking lot striping

Accidents Increase in Frequency

When you start noticing an uptick in fender benders, evaluate Pasadena line striping.

sealcoating Houston Tx

Your Lot Looks Rough

Sealcoating and restriping is one of the most cost-effective ways to give your facility a facelift.

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Years Have Passed

If it’s been five years or more, it’s probably time to call for a restriping quote.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from using our pros – you’ll get the highest quality striping equipment and materials in the industry in order to ensure that your job is completed on time, on budget, and to exacting standards. Start your project today by calling us at 281-639-1618.

Our Houston Asphalt & Concrete Services Include… Asphalt Maintenance, Parking Lot Striping, Sealcoating Asphalt Repair, Concrete Paving, Asphalt Paving Concrete Services

Schedule a Free Estimate When you choose Stripe it Right, we help you solve your facility maintenance problems– and you can rest assured that we won’t leave you with any new ones. 

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Pasadena's Best Parking Lot Striping Company?

Fresh lot striping sends a message to everyone who drives past your business. Consumers, employees, vendors, tenants and pedestrians see visible evidence to your commitment to safety and community. There’s no ambiguity, no chaos, just order. So how do you choose the best Pasadena parking lot striping company? Here’s what to look for:


Transparent pricing

Our experience means we measure twice, paint once. There’s no waste of time or materials, which benefits everyone.


ADA Compliance knowledge

We help Pasadena businesses meet federal and local ADA compliance guidelines.


Proof of local work

Don’t pay for a new local pavement contractor’s OJT. Look for a portfolio that includes Houston line striping.


Friendly, accessible experts

When you reach out for a quote, choose contractors that prize good customer service.


Quality materials and equipment

Anyone can do it with a rattle can, but you won’t be happy with results.


A long track history

If your Pasadena pavement contractor has been in business for years, they’ll likely be there if you need them.


Pasadena TX ada parking lot compliance

is your business ada compliant?

ADA compliance is the law. Businesses are required to provide a certain number accessible parking spaces or ADA compliant parking spaces depending on the size of their lot and the number of spaces it contains. And it’s not enough to just have a minimum number of ADA compliant spaces or van-accessible spaces, there also rules about where you put them, how you mark them and how many of each type you’re required to have. When you call for a free quote, we’ll remove the guesswork and make sure your facility follows regulations.


Fire Lane Striping Near Pasadena TX

Did you know the fire marshal’s office for the City of Pasadena spells out fire lane pavement striping guidelines? There are also guidelines from the Houston Fire Department regarding fire lanes, fire lines and access roads. To find out if your Pasadena fire lines are in compliance with state and municipal regulations, we’ve provided a link, but here’s a summary:


Painted fire lanes should have a red painted line at least 5 inches wide on either side.

The words “FIRE LANE” and “NO PARKING” should alternate down the strip in white letters every 15 feet.

Access roads should have permanent “NO PARKING – FIRE LANE” signs.

Fire lane signs should be at least 18 x 12, with red letters on a white reflective background.


Pasadena TX Bollard Installation & Bollard Removal

Bollards are the short, thick posts you often see to separate traffic areas or keep vehicles out of spaces designated for pedestrians. They prevent unauthorized parking, make security barriers and provide visual cues for drivers. They’re typically painted yellow, but some business owners want bollard painting to match brand colors. When they’re maintained, they deliver aesthetic value while also improving safety.

Stripe it Right offers bollard installation Pasadena TX and bollard removal as well. We can help with your security bollard needs to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians.


Speed Bumps & Wheel Stops

Some people just aren’t going to follow traffic rules if they don’t have to, and you probably have better things to do than act as a traffic cop. Speed bumps force drivers to slow down unless they want to tear up their vehicle and rattle their own teeth. They reduce accident rates and improve pedestrian safety.

Wheel stops offer similar benefits. They show drivers where to stop and enforce directionality in parking lanes. Stripe It Right Offers:

  • Pasadena TX speed bump installation
  • Wheel Stop Installation & Wheel Stop Removal


About Pasadena TX

Parking Lot Striping Challenges We Face

When we say many area facilities are aging, that’s because the area is rich in history. The 2nd largest city in Harris County was founded in 1893, with the Sinclair Oil Refinery as one of its earliest major businesses. It’s known for everything from the 1980 hit movie Urban Cowboy to the annual Strawberry Festival to the renowned Pasadena Philharmonic Society and Orchestra. We have landmarks like the Pasadena Historical Society, Pomercy House, Strawberry House and NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

If you’re researching Pasadena parking lot striping, it’s probably because you own or run a local business and you need lot maintenance or warehouse striping. We’ll help get your lot into shape and improve the look of your entire facility.


Geography & Climate

Like the rest of Houston, Pasadena TX is gulf coastal plain. The climate is hot and humid with abundant rain and vegetation that grows accordingly.

Plus, the land is flat and the soils aren’t terribly absorbent. It floods when there’s a hurricane, tropical storm or even heavy rain. Winters experience below freezing temps. Freeze/thaw cycles cause pavement to expand and contract, wearing it out faster.

Our city covers 44.5 square miles, including 0.4 square miles of water along the Houston Ship Channel and parts of Galveston Bay. The sprawling area and constant weather changes create a need for ongoing parking lot maintenance. Rain, abrasive debris and traffic are hard on paint. Fire lanes and crosswalks fade and parking lot lines chip away.


Pavement Maintenance & Your Bottom line

Our city’s economy is thriving, with key economic sectors that include oil and gas exploration, maritime shipping, aeronautics and aerospace, chemical processing and healthcare. Visitors and residents alike flock to NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, and the Harris Health System provides care for people who visit from all over Texas. The Pasadena Independent School District is the largest area employer, but thousands also make their living places like The Boeing Company, SGS Petroleum Service Corp. and the University of Houston – Clear Lake.

If you own or run a business here, you know the climate is competitive. Consumers want the best when it comes to products and services. Savvy planners know regular Pasadena parking lot striping signals attention to detail and pride in community. How your lot looks affects your bottom line. We can help you put your best business foot forward.


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