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Pavement Striping Houston Services

Stripe It Right can help design parking lot layouts and apply markings to your new construction. We’ll help traffic flow smoothly on your first day of business and every day after. 

A good parking lot striping business uses industry best practices and quality materials for asphalt line application, but even the best work will eventually chip and fade. So how do you know when you can go a little longer without lot maintenance and when it’s time to hire a parking lot striping company? 

Businesses call us for Houston line striping services when lines start to flake, when drivers regularly disregard pavement markings, when parking lot fender benders start to happen too often, or when neglected asphalt markings, cracks and potholes start to make their facility look run down.  

Why Striping houston tx Matters

Safety, looks, ada compliance

With new construction pavement striping Houston, thoughtful layout, design and application is essential for ADA Compliance, safety, and parking efficiency. The first time people visit your new facility, they’ll form a first impression that sticks with them. If your lot is easy to navigate and parking is a breeze, their first interaction with your brand is positive.  Nothing beats a freshly striped parking lot in terms of aesthetics.

Plus, pavement markings Houston affects safety. Tens of thousands of crashes happen in parking lots and parking garages every year because drivers are distracted and in a hurry. Help keep them safe with unmistakeable Houston line striping. And while parking lot striping is one of our main services, we don’t just do parking spaces. Call us for bollard removal, fire lanes, pressure washing and other parking lot maintenance services.


Houston Tx taxiway striping


identify safe traffic patterns for drivers and pedestrians

parking lot striping houston tx


prevent accidents by directing traffic flow

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ADA Compliance

Accommodate people with disabilities and ensure ADA compliance

Conroe parking lot striping


maximize the number of available spaces

parking garage pavement marking


Add curb appeal, protect your property investment

drive through pavement marking near Katy TX

Provide Direction

Prevent driver confusion

Experience the peace of mind that comes from using our pros – you’ll get the highest quality striping equipment and materials in the industry in order to ensure that your job is completed on time, on budget, and to exacting standards. Start your project today by calling us at 281-639-1618.

Our Houston Asphalt & Concrete Services Include… Asphalt Maintenance, Parking Lot Striping, Sealcoating Asphalt Repair, Concrete Paving, Asphalt Paving Concrete Services

Schedule a Free Estimate When you choose Stripe it Right, we help you solve your facility maintenance problems– and you can rest assured that we won’t leave you with any new ones. 


of Houston Lot Striping Experience

For more than 15 years, Stripe It Right  has provided parking lot striping services and parking lot maintenance services that top general contractors have consistently come to rely on for their projects and keep them on budget and on time. Our Graco Airle equipment is industry standard for line striiping, you won’t find our staff using paint rattle cans or rollers on any job.  

 We know the ins and outs of ADA, code compliance and layout like no one else, and our knowledge can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one. We’ll get your job started right with scheduling that doesn’t disrupt your business. We’ll complete your job with the utmost professionalism and finish on time and on budget. 

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Frequently asked questions

About Our Houston Parking Lot Striping Company



That depends on the quality of the materials used and how much traffic your facility receives. Most experts say plan on fresh striping every 12, 18 or 24 months. 



We work around your schedule so customers, tenants and employees experience minimal disruption (often none at all). Weekend and night work is not a problem. We also work on active lots without disrupting business traffic by working one small section at a time. 



Stripe It Right provides line striping removal. Contact us for a quote. 



Houston TX is hard on parking lot striping with its weather extremes. Most of the time, line striping can be done when the weather is above freezing. For best results we schedule jobs for when it’s 45 degrees or above. 



If your asphalt has started to crack and crumble, fresh sealcoating will restore and protect. Then we’ll apply parking lot striping for a like-new appearance. 



We do have a systematic method for creating bids that involves the amount of work needed and the number of feet required. When you ask for a free estimate, we’re happy to break it down, and most of the time we can get it to you quickly working from photos, Google Maps, Google Earth, or a FaceTime walk-through. 



For the inexperienced, DIY parking lot painting is a bad idea. Stripe-It-Right’s owner started working with his dad doing striping decades ago, so it’s as natural as breathing at this point. Since then the Stripe It Right team has amassed more than 20 years experience installing over a million feet of lines a year. 



Stripe It Right’s portfolio includes the successful parking lot striping of master-planned communities, schools, commercial buildings, office complexes, hospitals, parking garages and more. A few of the communities we serve include The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, Tomball, Conroe, Katy, Sugarland and other Houston neighborhoods. 


about houston tx

parking lot maintenance challenges unique to our area

Houston's Size Matters

Houston is the most highly populated city in Texas. In terms of people, it’s the fourth largest in the entire United States, the sixth largest in North America. 

More people means more traffic. That’s mostly a good thing for business owners, because where there’s a concentration of consumers, there’s money to be made. But the thing is, there’s also more competition. Parking lot striping matters in a big way.

It’s not just population that makes the area stand out, it’s size. Houston sits in Southeast Texas along Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It sprawls over more than 637 square miles, making it the city with the ninth largest footprint in the nation. Harris County residents have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to getting to work, school and play. There are untold miles of asphalt and concrete roadways, multistorey car parks and parking lots for residents, business owners and city officials to maintain.


Houston's Geography and Parking Lot Maintenance

The majority of Houston is gulf coastal plain, transitioning in the north to subtropical jungle. If you’ve visited you know that means the whole area is hot and humid, with abundant rain and landscaping that grows like crazy. Most of Houston was constructed on top of forests, grasslands, marshes and swampy terrain. There are four major bayous that contribute to the city’s overall drainage system. White Oak Bayou runs through Houston Heights. Buffalo Bayou flows into the Houston Ship Channel, Brays Bayou flows by Texas Medical Center and Sims Bayou drains through South Houston and Downtown.

Lake Houston, Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston act both as water sources and recreational opportunities. The terrain is flat and close to sea level, which means it has always been prone to flooding. The soil is a mix of sand, clay and decayed marine matter that has been compacted over time. As you might imagine, the tropical climate and constant change create a need for ongoing parking lot maintenance. Water, grit and traffic are tough on paint. Fire lanes start to fade and parking lot lines wear. 


Houston's Climate and the Impact on Pavement Marking

Houston’s humid subtropical climate brings summer temperatures over 90 degrees for long portions of the year – on average a hundred days or more. It’s not a place you want to try and live without air conditioning. Winters are mild and damp. While our climate isn’t as hard on pavement marking or parking lot maintenance as states with regular freeze-thaw cycles, it still presents challenges. 

Because of the flat topography and low-permeability soils, a lot of the area experiences flooding. We get frequent drenching rains and hurricanes and tropical storms sweep through time and time again. Water washes in sand, grit, oils and other debris and deposits it on pavement or concrete. Then when the water recedes, vehicles and foot traffic grind it in, wearing away sealcoating and parking lot marking.

And while we’re not known for harsh winters, we still do get occasional snow and regular below-freezing temperatures. Pavement expands in the heat and contracts in cold, but that’s not true of water. At the same time paved surfaces contract with cold, water that pooled in cracks, crevaces and potholes turns to ice and expands, making small problems into larger ones. A fire lane becomes hard to see, parking lot lines get obscured by decay and grime.

Pollution also takes a toll. Unfortunately, our sprawling metropolis is regularly ranked among the most ozone-polluted cities in the U.S. Shipping channel industries release pollutants into the air and traffic dumps man-made emissions into the atmosphere. All that mingles with the oil, grease and antifreeze that leak from vehicles and hastens the breakdown of pavement and parking lot striping.


The Economy - Parking Lot Striping and Your Bottom Line

The Houston economy is a powerhouse built mainly on oil, gas and other energy related resources. It also draws much of its power from healthcare, aerospace and biomedical research. Houston itself and the surrounding area acts as home base for dozens of fortune 500 companies. Of the world’s biggest international corporations, over half have offices or other facilities in the Houston area. 

It’s a center of technology entrepreneurship, a finance hub and a healthcare focal point for the nation. The University of Houston and other sources of higher education feed the workforce a steady supply of well-qualified individuals. The number of manufacturing establishments is in the tens of thousands. 

And then there’s Port of Houston. Our manmade port is the busiest in the nation when it comes to foreign tonnage. In a time when the world needs energy perhaps more than ever, it provides steady petrochemical exports. 

What does Houston’s thriving economy have to do with parking lot striping? Whether your business is real estate, tourism, retail, entertainment, oil and gas or anything else, our massive economy provides both a plethora of consumers and plenty of competition. If you want to be at the top, you have to be the best in every aspect of what you do.

When a lot or facility looks bad, that signals a business is either in financial distress or the owner tends to let things slide. Crumbling asphalt and flaking parking lot striping creates a perception the services could be shoddy and the goods should be cheap. The opposite is also true. When an organization’s exterior is pristine, Houston residents assume they’re a success. The feel is high-end, and consumers expect to pay more for their goods and services. 

It’s up to you who you attract. Decision makers that want discriminating shoppers, people who care about their luxury vehicles and motorists who will pay more to get safety and convenience build regular parking lot maintenance into their budgets. 

It all boils down to curb appeal.  As a Texas organization that regularly maintains their building’s exterior, you signal you take pride in what you do and in your community. When you get the best parking lot striping Houston, you’re not just making your asphalt or concrete last longer. You’re investing in the future. Faded and chipped paint could make the difference between someone coming to your facility to do business with you, or turning around to do business somewhere else. Protect your investment with regular lot striping and strategic parking lot maintenance services.


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