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Houston Commercial Power Washing and Concrete Pressure Washing

Soiled exteriors get rejuvenated and restored. Concrete surfaces regain a fresh, welcoming appearance. Your business looks better than ever for the people who matter most. 

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Commercial Pressure Washing Near Houston, TX

When you live in Houston Texas, the warm, muggy atmosphere and Gulf Coast weather make algae and mildew buildup an almost constant threat. Plus, the population continues to explode, and while it’s good for thriving business, people and their vehicles are messy. Bird droppings, pollution and graffiti all take their toll. 

 Don’t let dingy surfaces, dirt, grime or graffiti stop people from choosing your business. Restore it to a like-new appearance with Houston commercial power washing from Stripe It Right. 

The Dirty Truth About

Houston Pressure Washing Services

When you search pressure washing services near me from communities like The Woodlands, Pearland, Katy, Tomball, Sugarland or anywhere else, some of the power washing companies you see deliver what they promise. But not all of them.  

You see, anybody can go to a hardware store, pick up a pressure washing machine and put up a website with big claims. That doesn’t mean they’re going to deliver expert results at a fair price.   Plus, inexperience can create safety issues. 

Don’t pick the guy with a magnetic sign on his pickup and inferior power washing equipment. Instead, trust our 20 years of experience doing Houston commercial services with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professionals. 

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Improve public perception

A dingy building looks old. Dirty concrete is unappealing. Customers might start to think your products or services are sub-par too.

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a clean, healthy environment

Removing buildup makes additional sanitation easier. Customers and employees enjoy the benefits.

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Discourage vandalism

When a property already looks unkempt, it encourages people to leave trash and sometimes deface it further with graffiti.

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Save on maintenance

Contaminants break down surfaces, but washing them away preserves exteriors. Plus, dirt hides defects, but regular pressure washing exposes them before they become a big problem.

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Amp up curb appeal

Make your property worth more now and when you decide to sell.

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Make walkways safer

Clean sidewalks and stairways provide better visibility and traction.

big benefits

from Houston commercial pressure washing

Commercial pressure washing is one of best things you can do to keep your building looking its best. When you hire a professional professional washing company like Stripe It Right, you entrust your investment to a team with the tools and the training to deliver incredible benefits. We provide services like the following:

Frequently asked questions

About Our Houston pressure washing services

Yes it can. Even consumer models can cause property damage, and commercial units reach upwards of 4000 psi. That’s why it’s important to hire someone with experience. You can’t use the same methods or equipment on all services or you’ll end up with damaged paint on trim and siding or pits in other soft surfaces. You also could get shredded window screens, loosened mortar, dented siding, damaged window sealing or splintered wood.

None of that happens when you hire Stripe It Right. Our entire team of highly trained technicians  have high levels of experience. We employ different methodologies in the types of washing s depending on the materials we are washing and cleaning.   We use many different techniques and are happy discuss with you the methods we will be using for your property. Plus, we’re bonded and insured in case something does go wrong. 

Pressure washing can quickly etch surfaces, and once the damage is done, there’s not much you can do. Again, that’s why it’s important to hire an experienced pressure washing company, so your property ends up looking better, not worse. 

Pressure washing is so effective and affordable some Houston businesses schedule it a few times a year. Call for power washing services after a storm to power away plant debris, dirt and grime. Schedule it before the holidays to make sure your business looks its very best. Plan services as the seasons change for a property that’s perennially perfect.  

There are too many variables to post a price, but we are able to provide free estimates using photos, Google Maps, Google Earth or FaceTime interactions when you get in touch. 

Stripe It Right provides pressure washing for  The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, Tomball, Conroe, Katy, Sugarland, Richmond, Rosenberg, Missouri City, Pearland, League City, Webster, Clear Lake, Pasadena, Baytown and other Houston suburbs.

Absolutely. We aren’t finished until the customer is satisfied.