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upgrade how people experience your brand

Ninety-five percent of customers say the way a store’s exterior looks impacts how they choose to shop. Two-thirds say they have changed their mind about a first-time purchase because of how a business looked from the street. How your parking lot looks could be costing you more than you know.

percentage of first-time sales dependent on curb appeal
Medium 70%
Percent of people saying exterior looks matter
Expert 95%
Percentage of realtors who say curb appeal = resale value
Advance 99%

parking lot restriping transforms your business

Solve problems like haphazard parking. Prevent collisions that happen because people don’t understand how traffic should flow. Ensure ADA compliance by hiring a restriping company who is up on the latest standards. Get it all done on time and within budget.

Plus, parking lot paint and other pavement marking always eventually fades, but we deliver the best in terms of longevity. We use the right paint for the job every time so you get the most mileage out of your lines.

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dangers of bad parking lot striping

4 signs it's time for a refresh

Contact our Houston restriping experts when you notice problems like these:

  • People are starting to park wherever they want
  • Wheel stops are wearing down
  • Handicap pavement markings are wearing away
  • Fender benders are becoming more frequent


A freshly striped parking lot has vibrant lines that amp up curb appeal. Everyone driving by will notice. Residents, customers and employees will know where they’re authorized to park (and where they aren’t)

Customer Satisfaction

If you offer products, services or employment, part of satisfaction with your brand has to do with their experience when they park. Restriping lets them know you care about their experience.


If your lot seems crowded during peak times, or people are parking where they shouldn’t, our Houston restriping company can evaluate your layout and useage to help maximize parking lot efficiency.

Reduce Liability

Faded lines can be hard to see, which could lead some to argue their accident was your fault. Businesses are required to be compliant with fire codes and ADA requirements. We’ll help you eliminate potential risk.

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Stripe it Right was the most competitive bid we got and they scheduled us in fast. They did a great job on our new facility.
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M Commo
Did a great job on our warehouse. Lines were straight and done faster than we thought. Definitely recommend.
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Brayden Cole
They did a great job!
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Pamela Stewart

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around your schedule

We work nights and weekends so your parking lot restriping, warehouse restriping, hospital restriping or any other project doesn’t disturb your business. We can also work in sections if you can’t redirect traffic. Get in touch, let’s talk about your Houston TX pavement marking needs.