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Transformative Houston Sealcoating

Give your curb appeal a major upgrade when you refresh and restore your asphalt lot. 

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Houston Sealcoating 101

Asphalt is made mostly of rock, stone and gravel held together with a binder made from distilling crude oils. Over time, rain, chemicals, UV light from the sun and temperature fluctuations cause that binder to start to break down.  

 The asphalt parking lot or other surface becomes brittle and starts to develop pits and cracks. Eventually it may get potholes or crumble away altogether.  

 Some contractors use one word, others make it two. Either way, seal coating is the asphalt maintenance process of applying a hot liquid coating over the top of asphalt to seal surfaces and extend the life of your pavement. 

Seal coating Protects Your Investment

Houston Parking lot maintenance saves money

The price of everything keeps going up, and that includes asphalt. Savvy business owners find ways to stretch every penny by minimizing expenses that could be avoided. Routine property maintenance is always less expensive than emergency repairs. 

 Plus, how your property looks affects your bottom line. A faded, cracked lot makes it look like your business might have fallen on hard times. Fresh seal coating is like an advertisement for your brand’s customer-focus and financial success. 

Stop water damage

Tiny cracks get bigger when water freezes and thaws

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reduce oxidation risk

Protect your pavement from the sun’s harmful UV Rays

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Restore appearance

Seal coating makes your lot look like new

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Form a barrier

Stop oil, gasoline and other chemicals from seeping through

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Increase skid resistance

Prevent slip and fall injuries and provide better tire traction

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Make cleaning easier

Quickly sweep or spray asphalt clean with no more dips or cracks

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Not All Houston Sealcoating Companies are Equal

If you search for sealcoating companies near me and pick the first name you see, you might end up with a job that doesn’t get completed on time, within budget, or as expected. An unskilled contractor might use an improper asphalt mix design so product doesn’t perform as well or could splatter mix on surrounding surfaces. Seal coating companies in their infancy are still figuring out how to bid, so their initial estimate might be way off from your final bill.  

What’s better is to seek out an experienced seal coating contractor with a long history of excellence and a portfolio full of references from businesses in your area. We have decades of experience sealcoating near Houston for businesses whose name you know. 

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Frequently asked questions

About Our Houston sealcoating Company

Sealcoating every three to seven years renews and restores asphalt surfaces so they’re more aesthetically appealing. It also prevents stops surface deterioration in its tracks. 

If your parking lot or other asphalt surface has faded from black to gray, that’s a sign the top layer has worn away and the surface is beginning to break down. If you see loose gravel, that signals the bond between rock and binder is starting to deteriorate. Cracks also signal you’d better call a reputable sealcoating contractor as soon as possible, or you might be looking at more extensive asphalt repair. 

After fresh seal coating is applied, treated areas will need 24 to 48 hours to cure. The amount of time required depends on the weather. During hot months, curing happens faster than when it’s cool and damp.  

We know not everyone can afford to suspend traffic for that amount of time. We work nights and weekends so our work doesn’t disrupt your schedule. We can also work in sections if customers and employees can’t be redirected. 

Sealcoating costs pennies on the dollar in comparison to replacing asphalt. Regular sealcoating and systematic parking lot maintenance can allow most businesses to put off repaving indefinitely. 

If your asphalt has started to crack and crumble, fresh sealcoating will restore and protect. Then we’ll apply parking lot striping for a like-new appearance. 

Let new asphalt season for a few months (about 90 days), then sealcoating can be applied to act as a protective barrier that extends your lot’s longevity.

For the inexperienced, DIY parking lot painting is a bad idea. Stripe-It-Right’s owner started working with his dad doing striping decades ago, so it’s as natural as breathing at this point. Since then the Stripe It Right team has amassed more than 20 years experience installing over a million feet of lines a year. 

Stripe It Right’s portfolio includes the successful parking lot striping of master-planned communities, schools, commercial buildings, office complexes, hospitals, parking garages and more. A few of the communities we serve include The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, Tomball, Conroe, Katy, Sugarland and other Houston neighborhoods.