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If you live and work in the largest city in Fort Bend County you know this…when it comes to Houston parking lot maintenance, Sugar Land TX businesses all have an ongoing need. On average, commercial construction in the area is older and more in need of restripe. Our part of Houston is heavily industrial, and that means a different kind of traffic and heavy-duty environmental and manmade inputs.

Because it sits where Texas State Highway 6 and Interstate 69/U.S. Route 59 criss-cross, it’s a popular destination for work and play. The population increased more than 158% between 1990 and 2000, and it just keeps growing. 

There’s a lot of newer construction, but paint wears fast. Sugar Land parking lot striping, fire lane striping, speed bumps, parking garages and specialty striping and stenciling are under constant assault from multiple forces. Local business owners call Stripe It Right for all their pavement maintenance needs.

Resolve peoples' worst

Sugar Land TX Parking fears

Do you know what people worry about most when they’re driving? When surveyed, the most common fear drivers have is holding up traffic, followed by hitting another car. Plus, almost half of U.S. drivers admit to having “parallelophobia,” the fear of having to parallel park. 

So it’s safe to say parking makes people nervous. They don’t like to hold up traffic looking for a spot, and they sure don’t want to get in an accident, and parking lots are one of the most likely places for one to occur. 

If your parking lot is degraded and your asphalt striping Sugar Land is hard to see, their stress level goes up. And the danger isn’t all in their heads, it really is more likely they’ll have or cause issues when they can’t see where and how to park safely. Plus, imagine how parking anxiety can get even worse for people with disabilities in situations where handicap parking spaces aren’t clearly marked.

For more than 15 years, Stripe It Right  has provided parking lot striping and repair for all of Houston. We keep our jobs on time and under budget, and we work around your schedule. Call us for any of the following:

Why Striping Sugar Land tx Matters

Add curb appeal, prioritize safety, be ada compliant

Sugar Land is all about growth. Parking lot pavement marking Sugar Land is a good investment because new construction needs thoughtful layouts and ADA compliance while aging businesses need consistent attention to asphalt striping Sugar Land so they don’t lose business to competitors who pay better attention to consumer safety and property upkeep.

We offer parking lot striping and sealcoating Sugar Land because nothing looks better than a freshly striped parking lot. We’ll help your business make a strong first impression and keep customers coming back for their piece of what you do or sell. 

We’ll also make sure you’re in line with the law and accessible to people with handicaps. And if you have questions about ADA compliance and fire lane striping, we’re always here to answer them. Call us for bollard removal, fire lanes, pressure washing and other parking lot maintenance services.

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Keep customers and employees safe by making it obvious where to park (and where not to).

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Wondering if you could fit more spaces in your lot, or make traffic flow more efficient? We can help.

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clarity & simplicity

People shouldn't have to think hard to find curbside pickup spaces, parking or the drive through.

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Curb Appeal

Warehouse striping beautifies things inside while parking lot striping and re-striping Sugar Land beautifies exteriors.

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What's the best way to keep customers and clients happy? Make sure you're getting the most out of your space so they always find parking.

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Handicap Parking Spaces

Welcome people with disabilities and ensure ADA compliance

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Frequently asked questions

About Our Sugar Land Parking Lot Striping Company


How often do I need to have my Sugar Land parking lot striped?

The frequency of needing to have your parking lot striped depends on the materials used and the amount of traffic your facility receives. It is recommended to plan for fresh striping every 12, 18, or 24 months.


We can work around your schedule to minimize disruption for customers, tenants, and employees. Weekend and night work is not a problem and we can work on active lots by working on one small section at a time.

Can you also sealcoat my parking lot before you apply new striping?

Yes, if your asphalt is showing signs of cracking and crumbling, fresh sealcoating can restore and protect it. Then, we can apply new parking lot striping to make your parking lot look as good as it did in the very beginning.


We have a process for creating bids based on the amount of work needed and the number of feet required. We can provide a free estimate and break it down for you, and most of the time we can get it to you quickly working from photos, Google Maps, Google Earth, or a FaceTime walk-through.

What if I need to remove existing parking lot striping?

Stripe It Right provides line striping removal. Contact us for a quote. 



Houston TX is hard on parking lot striping with its weather extremes. Most of the time, line striping can be done when the weather is above freezing. For best results we schedule jobs for when it’s 45 degrees or above. 



DIY parking lot painting is not recommended for those without experience. Stripe It Right has over 20 years of experience in installing over a million feet of lines per year, and our team is equipped to handle the job efficiently.


Stripe It Right provides parking lot line striping, also known as parking lot pavement marking Sugar Land. We also do wheel stop and bollard installation, seal coating, fire lanes, ADA compliance and other forms of parking lot maintenance. We provide the same services for Pasadena, Katy, Tomball, The Woodlands and other Houston communities.

about Sugar Land TX

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One of Texas' Fastest Growing Cities

Sugar Land started as a massive sugar plantation that eventually became Imperial Sugar, making our town the “Texas Sugar King.” The 19th century was good to our part of Texas, but it was in the last several decades the real growth occurred. Population skyrocketed over 158% between 1990 and 2000. Then between 2000 and 2007, there was a 46% increase in jobs. Now we have a vibrant arts and culture community, attractions like the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences at Sugar Land, more than 30 shopping centers like Town Center Shopping Center and First Colony Mall, a world class baseball park and Smart Financial Center, one of the top entertainment venues in the nation.

For business owners and managers, all that means opportunity. People come here to work, to shop and to go to school, and they bring their wallets with them. There are dollars to be spent, but there’s also competition. To beat the other guy you have to offer more, and one of the ways you can do that is by making sure your facility looks its best. Parking lot striping, restriping, seal coating and other aspects of parking lot maintenance are essential.

Sugar Land's Geography and Parking Lot Maintenance

We’re 20 miles southwest of downtown Houston just 70 to 90 feet above sea level. Two main waterways run through the city, the Brazos and Oyster Creek. Builders and City developers have used those rivers to create manmade lakes and constructed subdivisions around them. 

Sugar Land is subsiding, which is basically sinking because of both natural and human processes. Houses and buildings sink, hurricane and bad weather flooding intensifies, and asphalt and concrete degrade. 

Houston's Climate and the Impact on Sugar Land Pavement Marking

Texas is known for weather extremes, and that’s certainly true for Sugar Land. The highest recorded temperature was 109 degrees and the lowest low is 5 degrees. Seasonal averages are between 45 and 95 degrees. That’s a big swing.

Summers tend to have a real feel near the 100 degree mark. It’s rare, but sometimes we get snowstorms with inches of accumulation. And there are days when temps are ridiculously high and a summer storm sweeps through, dropping the air 50 degrees. 

How does that relate to parking lot striping near Sugar Land? Temperature fluctuation causes surfaces to expand and contract. Over time, pavement weakens and paint flakes. That means parking lot line striping wears off. When your Sugar Land pavement marking starts to fade, call Stripe It Right.

The Economy - Parking Lot Striping and Your Bottom Line

The energy industry is huge across our part of Texas, with Fortune 500 CVR calling the city home. Sugar Land also has headquarters for businesses like Western Airways, Schlumberger, Fluor Daniel, Minute Maid and, of course, Imperial Sugar.

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is a major employer. Nalco Champion and St. Luke’s also employ large numbers of Houston residents. Sugar Land Town Square serves as the top entertainment destination, and the Marriott Hotel and conference center hosts an ongoing calendar of important events and festivals.

When people come to town to shop, work or play, they bring their dollars with them. If your facility is safe, attractive and inviting you have the opportunity to draw them in. But if your lot looks bad, people wonder if you’re all that successful and if you care about their safety and convenience. Regular parking lot maintenance shows you stay on top of details and aim for excellence in all things.

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